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Globally-minded Chicago-based designers

Globally minded Chicago-based interior designers


Featured in modern Luxury Magazine

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“We wanted everything to be functional as well as beautiful,” says Kouzoukas, “to create a very warm space that’s interesting, not something you might see every day.” 

“Our process is very organic,” says Heuvelhorst. “It takes a bit for everything to marinate. But eventually you focus attention on a certain element, and the design of the whole reveals itself.”

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our mission is to remain ubiquitous in our design concepts and refined when put into practice

our conceptual process is to source and curate a well of inspiration that draws from global, modern, and contemporary designs

our practice is to precisely hone in on what is needed to make a space cohesive and expressive of its use


boffi chicago interviews scott heuvelhorst

Boffi Chicago interviews principle designer of SK Design Group, Scott Heuvelhorst, to dig a little deeper into what inspires him and drives the studio's work. 

Scott shares work that influences his design process, his own design philosophies, and that his favorite dish to make and eat is Korean miso and honey glazed cod. 

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